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    Indeed our Technology
    works to propel your

    At Isoftkenya, we understand that you need more than just opinions and basic facts to make smart Business decisions. That’s why we take our technology deeper. We do so through a rigorous and multi-layered process that allows us to look at your company intelligently through a business lens.

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    Caring,Naturing while working
    to give a personalised touch

    The result is technology business information based on solid facts, and decision support built on logical conclusions. It is this that enables us to deliver unique strategic perspective - and value - to your most critical business activities.

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    Precise, Innovative and agile

    This is the kind of business model enables us to keep abreast of all the new techonologies in this every so changing technological world

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Welcome to Isoftkenya

Isoftkenya is a fully owned Kenyan company that aims to enhance the development and use of technology to stimulate business growth. From the begining, the company has assisted many companies and organisations embrace technology.

Isoftkenya provides products and service that are easy to deploy as well as easy to learn reducing the learning curve of the employees. Some of the areas we are working on include Bulk-SMS, mBanking, eCommerce, eProcurement, Premium Rate Numbers, eSecurity, Policy and Strategies on Telecommunication Infrastructure Development and Datawarehousing.

This over time has helped reduce costs, increase efficiency and totally reduce the down times. Isoftkenya can help your business continue to increase its revenue, customer base while working with reduced cost of production. It concentrates on equipping managers and ICT heads on what are the optimum strategies and technologies to deploy to achieve the above.

Business Intergration

Isoftkenya continuously invests in reserch for ways that we can be able to utilise technology for the benefit of your business. From then on it has taken a commanding place in B2B and B2C business


"You would think that choosing a Technology company would require a lot of careful consideration, but Isoftkenya has all the attributes to make it an easy decision. ICT is their forte, with years of experience and depths that most of us can only imagine. The experience is a rewarding challenge and their guidance and patience helps to make it even more enjoyable."


-Edward Onyango, ICT manager

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